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Spoutkit Version 1.0

I had a little idea today, wouldn’t it be great if I could give people who don’t use touchdesigner visuals which they can use in their own applications. If there was a little control panel that had some generative visuals in that could then be sent out via spout and picked up in other programs such as arena and people who don’t know TouchDesigner could still go ahead and use generative clips. Well…here’s what I mocked up tonight….Spoutkit:



Windows (sorry mac people although apparently there may be a way to send from windows to mac using >>>TCPSpout<<<)
TouchDesigner FTE. For 1080p you will need a commercial licence. Only the last build found >>here<< and above will work. (version 30580)
Spout which can be downloaded >>here<<

To run the file just extract the .zip and double click spoutkit.toe. This will open up a control panel, on the left hand side are your parameters, audio input, effectors etc and at the bottom is a bank of 5 different visuals which can be loaded. Once loaded move the effector sliders around to see what they do. To set the resolution to 1080p as opposed to 720p just use the toggle at the top right of the screen.

The project will automatically send out a spout texture handle named “spoutkit” which you can select in the program you wish to use.
It will use whatever the default audio input is as an audio input.

I’m going to expand on this idea over the weekend and make it a bit more useful, this is more just a proof on concept at the moment really, heck I wrote the whole thing in T-Script.


For information on how to install spout within resolume see the following video:

Abstract Still Pieces

I’ve been playing about a bit trying to do some t-shirt designs and things for myself since I can’t seem to find many online that are nice geometric shapes and so on…anyways I got completely distracted with all that and ended up doing these little SSAO pieces this evening.crablikething foxheadthingwithbg treething


Maybe I’ve been playing a bit too much pokemon or something but they seem to be kind of Fire, Grass and Water/Ice based. Anyways I’ve attached the .toe files so people can have a look at how they’re done.


WARNING: These files are HUGE, like…massive 4k renders running in realtime with an SSAO TOP in there too. I recommend pausing the timeline or turning off cooking and if you want to modify them turn the SSAO TOP off until you’re ready to render, the grass one I made can get into some really cool variations with the feedback.

Download .TOE Files

I’m probably going to throw them up on RedBubble too as prints/t-shirts etc, why not…just set one up at


On a final note, theres a keeping in touch coming very soon. I’m currently laptopless as I’ve leant it to a friend for a VJ set.


Visualesque – Westbound

Song List:

Oliver Hacke – 12:31 (Original Mix) [Trapez Germany]
Deadbeat, Scuba – First Quarter (SCB Edit) (Scuba Remix) [BLKRTZ]
Mirko Loko – Love Harmonic (Carl Craig ‘Soundscape’ Remix) [Cadenza]
Dustin Zahn – Walk Alone (Original Mix) [Truesoul]
Ripperton – A Skilift Upstairs The Sleeping City (Max Cooper Remix) [Systematic Recordings]


Immaterials: Light Painting WiFi [Vimeo User:Timo]

hazcauch × vokoi [BRDG]