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TouchDesigner Community News – January

A year ago if somebody asked me where to go to talk all things computational and in my case TouchDesigner based I’d look at them blankly and maybe just point them in the direction of the Derivative forums and hope that they find what they need via the much used search function. Asking questions would sometimes yield responses quite fast but I remember two years ago when learning was extremely slow due to lack of tutorials and I guess you could say lack of community togetherness.

Well no need to worry now as times are changing, over the past year I’ve encountered hundreds of people now using TouchDesigner and at the last London Workshop we decided to do something about it.


TouchDesigner Help Group – Facebook

We created the TouchDesigner help group which can be found here. The group has been a massive success and has dramatically sped up peoples learning processes as people log into facebook and see there’s a new post and check it out straight away, over 100 people have joined now so I’m really pleased it’s proving to be helpful. If you haven’t joined yet I strongly suggest checking it out.

TouchDesigner Google Hangout – Google +

The TouchDesigner Google Hangout is looking to be pretty busy, for those of us in the GMT area it’s quite a difficulty as it’ll be starting at 4am but I might jump on there early (and I imagine a few others will) so no doubt it’ll end up being from 10pm GMT time where the Europeans can have a bit of banter all the way through to 4am which is where the actual structured hangout starts, we’ll see…maybe we can do some speed artworks whilst we wait. Details of the hangout are below.

From tgreiser on the Derivative forum:

Calling interested parties to participate in online peer education with screen sharing via google hangout or skype.

* Learn about TouchDesigner and/or share your knowledge
* All skill levels welcome
* Q & A session
* Show and tell about your projects
* Short educational presentations
* Component sharing

Tentatively the first meetup will be Wed Jan 15, at 8pm PST via google hangout – here
If it goes well I would like to meet every other week for maybe an hour or two.

“Make Art Now” – Realtime/Generative/Interactive Art Collective – Facebook

Right after I’d setup the TouchDesigner help group Louis D’Aboville invited me to join a rather wonderful facebook group that each month has a themed challenge for it’s members to complete. People then vote on the artworks they like and there’s a winner. This months theme is Minimal and so far I’ve seen some pretty amusing posts in relation to it. It’s a very similar concept to the independent gaming scenes “Ludum Dare” competition, Actually go check that out too. This is a really good resource as there are people who use all the different software packages/programming languages you could imagine. You can find the Make Art Now group here

VJ Union Group – Facebook

For those of you inclined towards VJ’ing there is a main global VJ Union group alongside a host of smaller groups aimed at local areas or sharing. These are VERY active groups with a lot of inspiration and resources posted daily. These are listed in this rather long list below, they’re all quite self explanatory. (Thanks to Grigori for letting me know where they all are, that’s a lot of sub-groups)

The Global Group can be found here

Content specific/Regional Groups:

Loops (Sell & Share) | Showreels |  Europe | Australia | USA | Canada | Russia | Middle East | Israel | Africa | Asia | Mexico | South America | Sweden


Matthew Ragans Blog – Website

I’d never known about it until I just published this post but here’s a wonderful resource for learning, including a lot of Matthews work so this stuffs as real as it gets, check out his blog here. (Thanks for mentioning this Ali)

Ian Cassels tutorials – Vimeo

Ian came to visit me in London to do some one to one tutoring in the ways of TouchDesigner, I uploaded one of the videos to vimeo. What was more remarkable though is that Ian has started his own tutorial series, it’s all a bit dutch to me (seriously)  but you can find them on his vimeo channel here.

Also if you want to see the one featuring myself that’s on using the Web DAT thats here.

Momo the Monsters Sprite Tutorial – Vimeo

I’ve been watching a lot of amazing external device demos coming from Momo (There’s a great kinect headtracking demo that I can’t seem to re-locate right now) but heres a tutorial from him explaining how to create custom sprites. That’d be here.