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May TouchDesigner 099 Audio Reactive VJ Effects Pack

I thought it’d be cool to maybe start releasing some of my TouchDesigner VJ content from over the years…then 099 came out and suddenly my whole library was pretty much null and void. Slowly I’m going to start updating my library. Here’s some effects to start off with. Mainly CHOP to SOP stuff in this including a little Particle trick that Markus showed me all those years back… and a bit of geometry with noise too.

You can download the .toe from my bitbucket >>> here <<<

The enviroment maps in this pack were found at www.mrbluesummers.com and it’s a really good resource to use.

Abstract Still Pieces

I’ve been playing about a bit trying to do some t-shirt designs and things for myself since I can’t seem to find many online that are nice geometric shapes and so on…anyways I got completely distracted with all that and ended up doing these little SSAO pieces this evening.crablikething foxheadthingwithbg treething


Maybe I’ve been playing a bit too much pokemon or something but they seem to be kind of Fire, Grass and Water/Ice based. Anyways I’ve attached the .toe files so people can have a look at how they’re done.


WARNING: These files are HUGE, like…massive 4k renders running in realtime with an SSAO TOP in there too. I recommend pausing the timeline or turning off cooking and if you want to modify them turn the SSAO TOP off until you’re ready to render, the grass one I made can get into some really cool variations with the feedback.

Download .TOE Files

I’m probably going to throw them up on RedBubble too as prints/t-shirts etc, why not…just set one up at redbubble.com/people/visualesque


On a final note, theres a keeping in touch coming very soon. I’m currently laptopless as I’ve leant it to a friend for a VJ set.